Matthew J.P. Colón-Diaz

LGBT Institute Research Fellow, Spring 2016 Cohort

Matthew J.P. Colón-Diaz is a second year doctoral student of sociology at Georgia State University. He came to Georgia State in August 2014, after receiving his MA in sociology from University at Buffalo, SUNY and BA in psychology and sociology from Case Western Reserve University. In addition to LGBT health, Matthew’s research interests include masculinities, mental health, and disability.

His most current research has focused on the social epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, stress and depression in families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, the relationship between access to LGBT inclusive healthcare and depression/anxiety, and mental health of disabled LGBT individuals through the life course. He has been an active member of the LGBT community for over a decade, situating most of his scholarly work within the LGBT social science literature and working with nonprofit organizations such as Equality Ohio, Buffalo Pride, and the Human Rights Campaign. Matthew is an avid sock collector whose hobbies include cooking and reading comics.