One in three LGBT travellers have experienced discrimination

By TravelMole

Virgin Holidays has released a 'tongue-in-cheek' video to highlight discrimination against LGBT holidaymakers.

The YouTube video was created after research from the tour operator showed an 'uncomfortable disparity' between the experiences of LGBT and straight couples on holiday.

While 84% of straight couples are at ease showing affection to a partner abroad, the figure dropped to only only one in 20 among LGBT adults.

One in three LGBT travellers say they have experienced discrimination, including judgement and ridicule.

This includes being stared at (58%) or laughed at (35%) and a third (29%) had been verbally abused

One in 10 LGBT travellers have even been threatened with physical violence on holiday.

One in four LGBT couples said they had been discriminated by other British holidaymakers.

But Virgin Holidays said hoteliers played a big role in the issue, with a third of LGBT travellers saying they feared judgement from hotel staff.

More than half have had their relationship status questioned, including being offered single hotel rooms and having their beds separated by housekeeping staff.

The video is part of a three-year plan, launched last year, in which Virgin Holidays wants to become one of the friendliest LGBT companies in travel.

This year the tour operator has focused on using its influence to advance LGBT equality in conservative regions such as the Caribbean, which has some repressive laws.

Thanks to efforts by Virgin Holidays, the Caribbean Hoteliers and Tourism Association has set up its first ever working group to address LGBT issues in the region.