LGBT Rights Group Wades into Politics

Human Rights Campaign, the biggest LGBT rights group in the United States, has moved up from its regular menu of speeches, demonstrations, and marches. In its protest against the Trump administration, the organization is now spending serious cash and involving human capital. The 37-year-old organization, in its own words, is now embarking on its largest political action expansion from the time of its inception. A budget of $20 million and an addition of about 20 full-time staff are being organized to defeat legislation and candidates believed to be hostile to the rights of transgender, gay, and bisexual community.

Trump and Griffin

Trump, for his part, did not portray himself as a conservative in the social sphere. The new president, however, has garnered the praise of conservative religious groups like evangelical Christians. One of the group's main opposition organizations is Family Research Council. The latter have fought against laws which permit transgender people to utilize bathrooms as per their choice. The Family Research Council is also vociferously against marriage between the same sexes.

Chad Griffin, the President of Human Rights Campaign, informed the media that the new staffers will be employed with the existing local steering committees of the group. The group has a total of 32 such local steering communities. The new employees would work to register voters and recruit volunteers. It will also send people to polls other than register all voters and recruiting individuals for volunteering activity.

Active membership

Griffin has justified his organization's more aggressive stance. He said that there is more to being a silent component of the resistance. He elaborated on the topic, saying that marching to causes is important. It is vital to protest in public places. People must be mobilized all over the United States to push for equality. In further references to protests against the Trump administration, Griffin said that the protest will be from one part of the US coast to another. Increased focus will be on Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, and Wisconsin. All these states have the US Senate races in 2018. These are extremely important on the political level.

According to Griffin, the LGBT population in the US electorate comes to only five percent. This small but vital percentage can make important differences in the election. To cite an example, Pat McCrory became the first governor in North Carolina history to lose in re-elections. As per exit polls, McCrory's insistence on adhering to the “bathroom bill” was his undoing. This bill is an anti-transgender one.