Charis Circle / Charis Books

Charis Circle and Charis Books & More
For more than 40 years Charis Books & More, the oldest and largest feminist bookstore in the nation, has played host to legendary programs and events. In 1996, we created a separate 501c3 non-profit, Charis Circle, to continue and expand our program offerings. Together, Charis Books and Charis Circle create a forum for free thought, independent voices, and unique expression. As a non-profit, Charis Circle is funded mainly through individual giving efforts and foundation gifts. Charis Circle rents space from Charis Books and More to house our office, as well as to hold our programs and provide the only community feminist space in Atlanta that is open to the public 7 days a week. Charis Books & More is a for-profit, independent business that is funded through book sales.   

In 2004, Charis Circle began sending all of our memorabilia from author events, community programs, and celebrations to Duke University for archiving. By doing so we are preserving our place in history.    

Charis Circle exists to foster sustainable feminist communities, to work for social justice and to encourage the expression of diverse and marginalized voices.

About Charis Circle's Programming:
Charis Circle creates and co-sponsors programming in four primary project content areas: the From Margin to Center Literary Project, the Founding the Future of Feminism Project, the Strong Families, Whole Children Project, and the Urban Sustainability and Wellness Project. All of our programming is created with a commitment to sustainability via diverse and innovative funding sources, by nurturing partnerships across communities and geographies, and with an eye toward technical innovation which will create and support accessible feminist communities beyond our physical location.

From Margin to Center Literary Project (FMC)–Building on Charis Books and More’s thirty-seven year commitment to independent and marginalized voices, Charis Circle’s literary project seeks to expand existing notions of literature, test cultural and discipline-based boundaries and traditions, cultivate written experimentation, encourage discourse between schools of thought, and build audiences for live literary experiences. With a primary focus on diverse and marginalized voices, FMC is a cutting-edge literary project that works to encourage “a place at the table” for all.

Founding the Future of Feminism Project (FFF)–works to build a sustainable and dynamic feminist movement facilitating regional networking and program development that challenges and seeks to dismantle all forms of oppression through an intersectional feminist lens. FFF organizes around a philosophy of wholeness, believing that all people have a right to be self-determining across the entire spectrum of their lives.

Strong Families, Whole Children Project–is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of strong, healthy, and whole young people (and the people who love them) who are committed to gender justice beyond the binary.

Urban Sustainability and Wellness Project– is designed to introduce community members to resources and programs that promote a healthy, vital, and sustainable world which rejects the predominate ideology of scarcity and promotes mutuality and sufficiency beyond capitalist models.