convening & celebrating the minds of the movement

a global platform

The LGBT Institute convenes and celebrates the minds of the LGBT  movement, while fostering intelligent dialogue about the state of civil and human rights for global LGBT communities.

advancing thought leadership & policy studies 

In partnership with Emory University, under the direction of The Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, an experienced visiting scholar will represent and advance the mission of The Center for Civil and Human Rights LGBT Institute.

The LGBT Institute will also partner with the Point Foundation to identify Research Fellows who, with support from key partners and subject matter experts, identify research gaps and use the findings to call for papers at our annual symposium.

Gathering Stories, Inspiring Change

The Institute, in partnership of the Georgia LGBTQ Archives Project and others, will collect visual histories of LGBT past and current activists for the Center’s visual history archives, and share them virtually to the public online.

Public LGBT Programming Events & Education

The LGBT Institute and The Center’s staff will develop, promote and execute quarterly programs and educational opportunities that advance the missions of the LGBT Institute and The Center. 

Annual symposium

The Institute will host a call for academic presentations from across the globe and host an annual Colloquium dedicated to LGBT Civil and Human Rights scholarship with a specific focus on intersectional research.

the lgbt institute medals™

Annually, The Institute will honor individuals, governments, and organizations across the globe who have specifically advanced LGBT civil and human rights with the prestigious National Center for Civil and Human Rights LGBT Institute Medal™.