Part of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

The story of human and civil rights would not be complete without discussion of the on-going struggle for LGBT rights.

Therefore, The LGBT Institute at The Center was established. The LGBT Institute is an integral part of The Center’s global civil and human rights platform, and provides a steady spotlight that helps create a public imperative for policies that treat LGBT people equally and fairly, in the South and around the world.



The LGBT Institute convenes and celebrates the minds of the movement while fostering intelligent dialogue about the state of civil and human rights for LGBT communities.


The LGBT Institute is lead by Executive Director Ryan M. Roemerman with support from The Center's Chief Executive Officer, Derreck Kayongo, and The Institute's Advisory Board, Program Partners, and Leadership Council.

How the Center supports the lgbt institute

Programming leadership
The Center’s Director of Interpretation, in partnership with The LGBT Institute, develops and implements programming to further the mission of The Institute and The Center to engage a large and diverse audience.

Grant preparation and oversight
The Center’s Executive Vice President of Development, under the guidance of The LGBT Institute’s Leadership Council, helps solicit and service grants for The Institute from outside foundations and/or corporate entities.

Logistics and Facilities support
The Center also provides necessary support for The LGBT Institute events and logistic operations, ensuring the success of each programming and educational initiative of The Institute and The Center.