The Georgia LGBTQ Archives Project

The Georgia LGBTQ Archives Project has joined The LGBT Institute as a Founding Partner because we support its goals of shining a light on the struggle for LGBTQ rights and of helping to foster more connections within the LGBTQ movement.  Our group’s mission revolves around making all LGBTQ people aware of the importance of their own personal histories.  A large way we accomplish that is through connecting donors with collecting institutions, connecting donors with each other, and fostering collaborative projects between archives and collecting institutions. 

The fact that much of the Institute’s work is focused on making connections across diverse areas of the LGBTQ movement appeals to our belief in the power of collaboration.  In our role as a Founding Partner we hope to share our experience and our collaborative model for archivists and community activists with other groups around the country and around the globe.  We hope to share our experience so that others are able to leverage our work to help preserve LGBTQ history in their own areas of the world.  Likewise, we look forward to making connections with other groups who will be able to help us expand our horizons and improve the work we are doing to preserve the history of LGBTQ Georgia.