Kaden Borseth

Kaden Borseth is a trans-masculine identified advocate for LGBTQ social justice issues. He has been actively involved in the LGBTQ community since 2002. During college, he served as President of the University of Northern Iowa's Pride group for three years, helping it grow from just a few individuals to a thriving and active group. Today’s UNI Proud organization is well integrated into the university culture, offering educational, social, and activist-oriented activities to its members and the broader campus.

After graduating, he worked for several years as an Alumni Chair for Iowa Pride Network (IPN), an organization that educates and mentors middle school through college-aged LGBTQ youth. IPN empowers LGBTQ youth by cultivating their leadership skills and guiding them to create safe and accepting school environments. Kaden currently leads a support group for gender variant and transgender teens in Atlanta.