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Southern Fried Queer Pride

To learn more about SFQP events taking place June 24-26, please visit by clicking here. 

SFQP Mission and Vision

Southern Fried Queer Pride (SFQP) is an Atlanta-based queer and trans alternative Pride festival celebrating the robust and vibrant community in the Southern United States. Cooked in the oils of our forequeers of the Compton Cafeteria Riots, the Stonewall Riots, ACT UP, and the many radical uprisings of years past, SFQP holds close to the political identity of being queer. SFQP is arts and politically based and serves to provide an intersectional, radically inclusive festival on the last week of June, along with events throughout the year.

We aim to continue to bake SFQP into a thriving festival, giving the community the space and resources it so increasingly needs. SFQP is committed to queer and trans art, activism, and community building here in Atlanta and abroad. In the future, SFQP plans to create satellite festivals to in other parts of the Southern United States, to bring light and visibility the Southern queer experience that is so often ignored by mainstream LGBTQIQAP2+ media.

SFQP is also committed to creating a queer and trans arts space in Atlanta, where artists and activists alike can create community and art that resonates. Our goal is to have this space established by the year 2020. This space would be an event center, a gallery and art exhibit, a resource center, and, potentially, a coffee shop. SFQP is committed to making this dream a reality and giving Atlanta the space it so desperately needs.