Tim'm T. West

Tim'm T. West is a poet, scholar, rapper, and youth activist who was born in Cincinnati and raised primarily in rural Arkansas. A contemporary Renaissance man, he is a featured voice in multiple documentaries about hip hop and masculinity because of his groundbreaking work as a gay-identified hip hop artist, AIDS activist, and youth advocate, among other affiliations. A teacher and cultural producer at a number of secondary and post-secondary institutions, as well as a former varsity basketball coach, West has a B.A. from Duke University and graduate degrees from The New School for Social Research and Stanford University.

He is author of several books (Red Dirt Revival: a poetic memoir in 6 BreathsBARE: notes from a porchdweller, Flirting, and pre |dispositions). As a writer, West is widely anthologized and published. As a recording artist, he has  produced and released nine hip hop albums, the first several with iconic queer rap group D/DC. In 2013 he released his fifth solo project snapshots. 

Tim'm West travels and lectures widely, professionally serving as Senior Managing Director for Teach For America's LGBTQ Community Initiative, which advances educational equity for LGBTQ kids and youth K-12 as well as their educators. In July 2015 he decided to set roots in Atlanta, Georgia, with the understanding that advocating for safer schools in the South and rural areas is particularly critical.